Choosing you Career Path, hard? Not.

Having career is really important, it gives us a sense of achievement and direction. We spend 12 years at school in order to get our mid education and then spend about 4 to 10 years more in university to accomplish our degrees. As result, we spend half of our lives to meet our career requirements, so how it is no t significant.

Many folks think that a job and a career are the same things; I find this is a criminal offense. To elaborate, a job is more likely for paying bills and waiting for the paychecks every month. However, not all the time it is not connected with your experiences, skills or passion; it is a short-term goal. On the other hand, a career means that each job you are taking is connected to the other; you are not just going randomly from one job to another yet you are trying to gain more training and know-hows, for example; at the Knicks league, some people watch a match or two and others are devoted to go and watch all of the matches until the league ends and announce its winner.

Some people spend 7 years in medical school yet later they decide to work as a fashion designer, but don not worry if you are that kid of person because this is not a waste of years, yeah you have spent seven years or less in a field you didn’t even work in but still you had a hellish experience that can help you in this new career path you have chosen, because university’s courses is kind of general at the first 3 years until you pick your major. Moreover, do not limit your chances of finding the right career for you because of your college specialization.

Your career does not have to be a sophisticated, hard or top notch. Most families encourage their kids to pick a university degree that will make them able to run the family business after graduation, but do not listen to that if you have decided otherwise, because everyone consumes different interests and aptitudes. Be yourself and choose your own path, that is your passion and you are the only one who can choose the right career and education that matches your interests. And who knows maybe this path that you have chosen will help your family business in so many ways.

To have a successful career, you should follow some essential steps;

1- Know what you are good at (skills, interests)

Skills and interests are not the same things as many people think, in fact, it is a two-step method. Interests are the things that draw out attention, it is the activities we enjoy doing. For instance, if you have the hot’s for reading novels and you frequently spend hours and hours reading different books, at this point, you might gain a new skill called Creative Writing, as this interest of yours gives you a wide background of the writing style; it is refining your grammar, and flaring your imagination. In short, we can gain new skills over the years by upgrading our welfares into abilities.

2- Update yourself

There is many things that we can do to update ourselves in order to follow the right career track. Have you ever admired someone who can communicate in three languages at a time, or that young lady who could type the meeting’s minutes in seconds? Mastering a new skill is not very hard to do it just need practice, patience, and a reason which inspires you to keep your chin up. For instance, if you are fascinated by the fashion industry and you wish to work there someday, and you found that half of the fashion jobs need people that speak French. At this moment, you will be having the motive to learn French language, yet you will just need to be a decent learner and enduring student, Rome was not built in a one day.

3- do not think too much about the money wise

Of course, cash is significant but it shouldn’t be your number one purpose when you are picking your career path. Many jobs pay tons of money like, doctors and surgeons; they are like the highest-paying jobs in the U.S. Though, Do not be fooled and decide to go to medical school to become a doctor because it will make you rich, you should love beign a doctor first.

to sum up, you must choose your career cleverly and wisely, for if you chose wrong you might end up jobless or at the wrong side of the road.



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