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23 Fitness Facts You Must Know About

Are you bothered by the tons of kilos that invade your body? Is the Solution in an appropriate diet? But the diet means deprivation, wow that is a difficult equation. However, there is more than one way to resolve this problem, but before we crack the code there are some points that we must understand well to have a clearer picture.


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  • Eating too much junk food is an easy shortcut to obesity problems road, If you are in a rush and want to have something on the go drink juice, water or eat a bowl of a delicious salad.



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  • Over-eating and snacking on desserts is never a good thing, try to snack on healthy food like fruits, when you feel the need for sugars, or a slice of brown toast with a honey spread, if you crave pancakes or crepes.


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  • Whenever we are watching TV or have social gatherings with friends and family we always snack on pastries, nuts and popcorn. However, nuts and popcorn are very useful, but in a reasonable amounts. To elaborate, when we watch movies or TV shows on the wide screen we always get distracted by them and lose track of time, so we eat large quantities without even knowing. As result, the quantities of bad fat and unwanted calories in our bodies increase and left our body unhealthy and bad shaped. Hurry up!! Start from today and fight this habit, because our habits are our own makings we can switch them or get rid of them anytime we want.


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  • People with obesity, do not eat much but still they gain weight and never lose a pound, and that is because of the amount of fats they consume is very high. As result, The fat they eat is absorbed and then oxidized and stored in their bodies.
  • Obesity is one of the important causes many illnesses or at least associated with many diseases, like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and bone & muscle pain.
  • In most people, obesity is inherited, but in fact genetic causes is accounted for not more than 40%, however the other 60% is the poor dietary habits of an individual which then controls to strengthen or weaken this genetic factor. To elaborate, bad dietary habits deepen the influence of the genetic factor, while Good habits combat it.

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  • Fat cells in our bodies are very much affected by what we used to eat during our early childhood, things may develop later on during puberty when the leptin hormone secretes, because it affects the appetite center in the brain, which make people do not feel full. Therefore, it is necessary to control the quantities of food provided to babies & Toddlers once they begin to eat solids.

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  • Fat accumulation in the abdomen (rumen), which is detected by ultrasounds, is a big problem as these fats in this region not only harm the appearance of an individual but affect their health too, where the presence in the abdomen invalidates the insulin that is responsible for the delivery of sugars to the cells of the body. Therefore, the pancreas tries to compensate for this imbalance and increases its production of insulin, causing stress on the body organs, hence problems begin to emerge.
  • If there is too much fat in the body that imbalance the generation of sugars in the liver and cause some serious problems.

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  • A severe weigh loss diet leads to a lot of complications like, mental disorders, low blood sugar which makes the person feels stressed and tensed all the time, also, it may cause heart attacks and other serious health conditions.
  • If you genuinely want to be fit and in a good health, Use salt wisely, do not use too much of it, as salt raises appetite and increases the absorption of glucose in your body, hence you should consider it as your enemy.

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  • Do not add butter to your vegetables if you really want to maintain your weight and protect your health, however you can add small amount of olive oil Instead .
  • Fruits are really important for your fitness and health, it is considered as a sugar substitute. TIP: drink a cup of tea with half an apple instead of adding sugar

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  • Doing sports is a prerequisite if you want to start a healthy diet. To elaborate, when you follow a special weight loss diet you will surely lose tons of kilos, however, sometimes cellulites begin to appear on parts of the body after we lose weight, so playing sports here work to adjust the shape of the body and correct its appearance.
  • Do not forget green veggies such as lettuce, watercress, fresh spinach and other leafy vegetables. They help you in a great way in your diet. In addition, green veggies are very low in calories and still they can fill the stomach, also they supply the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs.
  • If you are carrying out a special diet and you are over forty, please make sure that you consume enough magnesium, because at this age magnesium is essential.

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  • It takes several months and Perhaps years to lose weight, however in any case you should not lose more than half-kilo on a weekly basis. Besides, Milk, brown bread and eggs should be offered every day with fruits and lemon juice
  • When the food consumption is less than the need of the body, the body burns the muscles because the body is not consuming enough protein. Thus,  proteins must be present at your diet, like eating light meat such as chicken breasts.
  • You should take a break from dieting every once in a while, like you can choose Friday for instance and eat what ever you want from the food you have deprived yourself from throughout the week, but with caution of course.
  • It is preferable to have a solid fast once a week, and that is by drinking only fluids without any additions, just raw fruits and vegetables, as this process cleanse the digestive system, renews our activity and nourishes the skin.
  • Eat smart; each body needs a certain amount of food to function right. However, try not to overeat, as that is what makes our bodies to store the fat and make us gain weight like crazy.

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  • There is two types of people; ones who turn the food they consume into energy very quickly, as result they are never fat. On the other hand, there is people whom are normal if they eat much they gain weigh, and if they eat less they can maintain or lose weight. Therefore, those who are good at burning food fast are characterized by agility, however they should not be fooled by nature and not care about the amount of fats they eat, since that might lead them to serious problems with their heart , cholesterol levels and blood pressure.


In the next article we will talk about the different kinds of healthy dieting

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