English Exclusive

The Packing List

Whenever we go on a trip overseas we always forget essential stuff like, an extra pair of pajamas, phone charger and many things that could ruin the trip for us. As result, you should compose a trip checklist before planning anything else.


1- travel pillow, it is always so hard to get comfy on planes especially when it is a long journey , well here comes the travel pillow the caring shoulder we count on.

2- goodie bag, this is by far the most important thing after the travel pillow, you should consider grabbing it on board, try to load it with your favorite snacks and mini juices, because people always feel snacky when traveling by plane.

3- the toiletry plastic bag, you can just squeeze so many things inside that bag like shampoo, conditioner, makeup, skincare products. If you are traveling by plane make sure that your toiletries ( liquids),are not more than 100 ml and they are nicely packed in a clear zipper bag.

4- extra EarPods , make sure to bring with you an extra EarPods incase you lose or damage yours.

5- phone charger, it is really annoying when you forget to pack your phone charger especially if you use it for both your tablet and phone. Try not to forget your charger and revise your checklist one more time before you head to the airport/station.

6- pajamas & slippers, people always pack all their outdoor outfits and forget their pajamas and slippers, mark this thing as a top priority on your travel checklist or you will end up wearing your outdoor clothes while sleeping which is super uncomfortable.

7- underwear,you don’t only need to remind yourself to pack them but also you need to pack lots of them.

8- foldable laundry bag, to put your dirty laundry in during your stay, however, you can also use any plastic bag you have at home, just fold it and put it inside your trolley’s pocket.

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