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Seven things everyone should have known years ago about love:

1- It’s never about the number of guys/girls you have dated, it is always about finding the one, and if you are lucky enough they might come to your life from the first attempt.

photography of couple holding hands


2- Arguing too much about the future is never good, we could talk about the future of course and make plans, but never get over consumed by them.

man and woman wearing brown leather jackets

3- Compromise is what makes our love work its way to eternity, however, I do not mean to abandon ourselves for the sake of another, but there are some small things in our lives that could be traded for them.

working macbook computer keyboard

4- Never criticizes the one you love because that will make them feel rejected. You should always show your loved ones how much you admire them and their makings, and if there is something you found that is not very pleasant or wrong you can drop indirect hints and give them decent suggestions and pieces of advice about that subject.

adult art conceptual dark

5- Appreciation means to acknowledge and value the good makings of someone.

affection appreciation decoration design

6- Never rebound after your breakup, because if you really didn’t get over your ex the right way, you will keep on rebounding for the rest of your life.

photo of a man sitting near the windoww

7- If you have found your true love do not ever let them go, cause if you do you won’t be able to live your life with someone else.

couple elderly man old

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