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Resolution #3 Lose Your Temper

We always go through phases of anger and short temper due to life stresses or for other circumstances. It is always a temporary thing, but sometimes it can develop into a personality which calls “ A Person With a Temper.”

Angry people are so easy to be spotted, they always blow the fuse at anything, like if the wireless network is not connecting properly to their phones, if they misplace something and cannot find it and so many other senseless scenarios.

Short-tempered people are known for being impatient, as they always interrupt and speak more than they can listen, their brain is just not working; only their mouths do the work.

Another bad quality is that they always blame others if anything goes south in their life. Besides, they never forgive easy and always hold the grudge.

If you are that kind of person try to cool it down a bit, once you feel you are about to get angry try these remedies:


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1- Breathe, seriously, breatheeee! follow the air getting in and out of your lungs, that would come you down.

person about to catch four dices

2- Give others the benefit of the doubt; think good of people and their intentions they are not all bad.

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3- Use your mind more; try to put yourself as the third person in a stressful situation look at yourself from a distant.

4- listen to relaxing music that will regenerate your good mood.

5- Do soul sports like yoga and meditation.