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Resolution​ #4 Get Out of Your Crucible

Fear of the unknown; it is a hideous beast that could eat us alive and make our life uncertain and guileless. Do not give up on yourself because you lost some battles in your life, instead, you have got to strike out and lose your phobias, show the world that you can.

There are many phobias that we can gain throughout the course of life, like fear of commitment and fear of choosing your career, as those two things are the most important aspect in anyone life, so let us talk about them in short.

So many people have bad experiences when it comes to love & relationships and that what makes them afraid and frightened to start a new relationship, not only in love but also in friendships or any commitment involve other individuals. Moreover, you will find those people kind of a closed book, miss a lot of events and cut out current friends from their lives by giving some lame excuses.

1- Fear of commitment

bench nature love peoplepeople with short-term relationships or without relationships at all are the ones who have that phobia, and that is not because they have a stroke of bad luck when it comes to romance, they just make bad choices by choosing the wrong people for them. they will always have excuses not to be in a relationship. frankly, the number one thing that really holds them back is the fear of abandonment.

2- Fear of Choosing a Career (job)

adult dark depressed face
There is a big difference of course between a career and a job, but this is not the point as we are talking in general. When someone has difficulties committing or taking a new job especially if they are unemployed that is due to many factors; maybe they did badly at their previous jobs, afraid to mess up in this new job and get fired or they just do not want to try any new thing.

You need to overcome your fears, you have to get out of that crucible you have built for yourself and elevate your self-esteem. Try these remedies and you might be cured:


men s wearing black suit jacket and pants1- Think high of yourself, and remember your past or current successes, that will give you a sense of certainty and achievement which will help you build forthcoming accomplishments.


brown gift box beside thread2- Your fear is your hope, instead of saying am afraid that my future relationship won’t last, wish that you will find the right person that will last forever. Instead of fearing a new job that you might mess up in, wish that this job will put you on the right path towards your dreams. it is all about thinking in a positive way.


selfie family generation father3- Spend more time with successful people and loving couples, that will make you optimistic at life.

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