People always confuse a twin flame with soul mate those are completely different connections. A soul mate is a person that fits perfect in your life, they are the people whom you will always go to for advice, and if you need a cheer up moment, you just run to them in order to boost your confidence. In short, they are your soul’s companions, they can be your friends, family members, a passerby’s anyone can be your a soul mate but not anyone can be your twin flame, it takes only one special someone.

The moment you meet your twin flame is the moment the earth will stop moving from under your feet. A twin flame is a spiritual connection that awakens you and makes you feel things you have never felt before in your life, it’s like hitting a high level of glee. You are each other’s mirror; you can both see through each other (freaky ha!!). Also, you will have no filter or ego with your twin flame, all your retouches will just fade away the moment you speak to them.  Meanwhile, you can’t sleep because you can’t get them out of your mind, can’t eat well because you feel so full from those butterflies inside your gut, and can’t think about anything but them. In fact, it might feel wired because all that things happened in the blink of an eye, it’s like you have just clicked without forcing any emotions or not being yourself for one second.

Your twin flame is always been there in your life with or without any observations, both of your lives were in sync from the moment you where born. Besides, you should have crossed paths before, you could have been friends, colleagues, or even just two strangers who shared a settee in an airport or a club, but still, you must have met at least once. However, some people are just lucky enough to find each other so early and others don’t, for it was not their time to unite; yet their souls unquestionably have recognized each other but their hearts were in preparation mode.

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