Every one of us is different when it comes to feeling the passion within, but there are some definite signs that show we are falling into that deep sea of love. However, you have got to take care that you are not forcing anything or acting in favor of your crush, you are just yourself around them body and soul.

The click:

Do you know that feeling when you are trying to screw something until it clicks? This is exactly what you are going to feel when you meet this person. From the first hello, you will feel that you have known them before; your souls recognize each other immediately, they will click.

Open book: (post Click)

If you are truly falling in love you are going to notice that you are saying everything to this person, and I mean everything with no filters; secrets, stupid stories, baloneys, it is as if you are having a conversation with yourself in the mirror. However, when we like someone we always try to show them the best of us, but if we really are about to fall in love with them we will never try so hard to project a perfect image of us; we will tell them our faults before our trophies, and our fears before our success stories (simple as it is)

Sleepless nights & feeling full

This is a solid sign that you are falling in love, you will sleep for really short periods of time yet you will not feel tired at all, in fact, you will feel that you have all the energy in the world. On the other hand, you will always feel full at your gut, your diet will be just upside down, and that is due to the high level of dopamine (happiness Hormone) entering your body. as result, this is a definite sign of falling in love, because you can never cheat it, it is science.

Thinking Much

You will always think of them first thing in the morning and sleep while thinking of them, the thought of them just put you to deep sleep like a beautiful and calming lullaby.


Of course, if you are falling in love you will be jealous if you found them in another opposite Gender Company, especially if they are giving them some attention. But if you really love them you will not act on it, you will just drop a hint or two ☺ as funny jokes, for you just do not want them to feel less happy and spoil their mood because honestly, they didn’t do anything wrong they are just being gentle with the people around them. however, if you have the slightest doubt of not trusting them then you are not in love, because “LOVE is TRUST “ (Period)

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