In love we do not deceive others or ourselves, love is not temporary, it lasts forever. Real feelings do not go away even after decades if you have loved someone in the past and it is been too long “ and I mean too long!! Since you last saw them and yet you still have feelings for them, then that what we call a pure true love. Your true love will always be there living inside your heart and soul, even if you got involved with some other people after them.

our heart is like a hotel, it has endless locked rooms inside of it, but not everyone is invited in or can unlock those preciouse rooms inside unless they have their own key card. Furthermore, there is a board of members that run this hotel, the main creators, and those are your family; mother, father, sister, brother and more are added throughout the years like; sons, daughters and our life partner (but not any partner).

If we failed in a relationship and break up with no returns, and we still feel good about ourselves after the termination, then this Relationship was a false love alert, In fact, this ex-partner of us was only a guest in our heart and not a board member, they only have a temporarily key to a room we momentarily have rented for them, they were never and they will never be one of the board members, just part-timers.

To sum up, your true love will always be a board member and will always have their own master key card to your heart, they will never leave even if they want to.

Posted by:Zabarjd

Hello everyone, we are doing our best to bring you a varsity of articles that can help you in so many subjects, zabarjd magazine is publishing in both English and Arabic language, please feel free to send us any comments and suggestions that you find might help us. Welcome on board folks, we hope you enjoy it. cheers zabarjd Team مرحباً بالجميع ، نحن نبذل قصارى جهدنا لنقدم لكم مجموعة من المقالات التي يمكن أن تساعدكم في العديد من الأشياء ، مجلة زبرجد تنشر باللغتين الإنجليزية والعربية ، فلا تتردد في إرسال أي تعليقات أو اقتراحات إلينا. مرحبًا بكم على متن هذة الرحلة الرائعة ، نأمل أن تستمتعوا بها بكل الحب و التقدير فريق عمل زبرجد

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