Single? You should be feeling so down now, right? Wrong. Well, let me be the first one to congratulate you of getting out of that ghastly relationship you were in, or tell you well done that you are not a dating freak who dates anyone for the sake of being not single. Stop believing in those marketing schemes that is done for that special day which put many folks into thinking that they are oddities and black sheep just because they are not involved with anyone at the moment. However, This is the month of love, not only romantic love between couples, love is not only about romance, it is about caring, being helpful and true to others, try to show the people you care about how much you dear them on that day, and those people can be your family, friends, colleagues or even your pets. Though, am not saying that being single is awesome and you should stay like that forever, but if you are single right now this is not a bad thing, it is actually a first-rate chance for you to start clean with someone you truly love and respect, Hence, feel happy, energetic and awesome because you are. 

Here are some things you can do this Valentine as a single breathtaking human being:

Game Night:

Gather all your friends and family and have a game night at your place, you can play so many stuff like, Never Have I ever game; this game is awesome and hilarious, you have to all gather in a circle and choose one person to say a statement like for instance; “ never have I ever picked my nose in public” afterward, if one of the players at some point of their life have done what the first player stated then they say yes and gain a point and so on until someone gather 10 points and win it all. Try to make awkward statements because oh! man! It’s so fun and embarrassing. 

Movie Night:

Another way to have a large gathering, pick a movie and rent a large projector to view the movie through it. Also, try to have some extraordinary snacks for that special day like; salted caramel popcorn, a chocolate fountain with fruits and marshmallows dips, fish n chips and so many other things, and do not forget the Sodas.

Have a self-treat:

Go get yourself a special gift this Valentine, go have a haircut or do your nails, pamper yourself with a great massage session for 60 minutes, or have a superior dinner all by yourself, seriously! It is not weird at all to dine by yourself, it is a piece of mind, just have some high self-esteem and you are ready to go.

Host singles-only fest:

Gather all your single friends and have a single only party and dinner, with all the romantic table setting you can think of, and all the killer songs that will make you dance all night. Believe me, it is going to be so fun and thoughtful.

Prank People:

Pick one of your closest friends and pretend that they are your valentine, prank and fool people in the restaurant and make them think that you are a couple for real, take pictures, exchange gifts, it is so fun you will be laughing so hard the next day.

Galantine’s Day:

This one is for all the single ladies out there, “Beyoncé chills” for reals !! Galantines day is actually a made-up celebration created by a fictional character called Leslie Knope at the American television show “parks and recreation” where she gathers all her lady friends single or not the day before valentine’s day where they ditch their husbands and go for a sugary brunch and talk about how their lives are awesome. 

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